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Esteban OLIVES


Born In Marseille, Spanish origin, Esteban Olives is attracted by the art of dance and body movement since the age of his 3 years.

 During his childhood his desire to Dance know never stop but at the age of 16 he seriously begin the school of "Ballet Studio" of Madame Colette Armand and his daughter Valerie Baldy along these studies.

After the baccalaureate (1992-1994) Esteban leave Montpellier to study at the semi-professional school "EPSE DANCE" Anne Marie Porras and Rudy Bryans.
He will work in the curriculum but also educational scene for 2 years where he worked as a choreographer with various Alain Gruttadauria, Ramon Oller, Christian Canciani Bruno Agati and also pass all these UV for the state diploma in Jazz option.

In 1994, Esteban win the national competition Dance Class Jazz with a price unanimous jury and will start in New York as a fellow of 1 month and 1 year in the school of Alvin Ailey Dance Center where he continura to form two new techniques Horton and Graham (modern art) and obtain a degree from the school. (Anne Marie Forsythe and Mylton Myers, Tina Bush, Freddy Moore and Max Luna III for Horton and yung yung tshai, Denise Jefferson Jacqulyn Buglisi, Steve rooks in Graham)

Between 1995 and 1997 he shared the stage from different companies like Alvin ailey Repertory Dance Ensemble, Houston Ballet, Dallas Black Company, the Dance Consortium, jazz ballet Montreal .... it will also work on choreography workshops of David Parson airline companies Paul Taylor Company, Kevin Wynn (not both)

1997-2001 will continue to work in two companies in Paris, Geraldine Armstrong jazz ballet and ballets time Aime Vincent Ansart and soloist dancer for various European tour.
from 2000 to 2003 he enchainer different musicals like Notre Dame de Paris, Romeo and Juliet, 1001, Life of Ali Baba and also bossera for various singers like Johnny Halliday (Eiffel Tower)

Between 2004 and 2011 he also bossera for the Park 1 and 2 of Disneyland Paris as a dancer on the different shows but also captain of the parade and show dysney (Tarzan, RoiLion, Pocahontas etc .....)

For nearly 10 years at least he will cultivate his art during the benefit sharing in internships, competitions, but also training schools like the Studio Harmonic, AID, where he teaches Jazz but also modern. it forms even EAT jazz and leave in 2012 to find and train for Clubmed ASIA choreographers.

For 1 year, he devoted himself to his COMP'EO company, he left work in India for various festival, and continues to work for various choreographic projects.

Currently, eclectic artist, he gives workshops at the Living Arts Centre and travel the world for festival and various whorkshop.